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Collection Services

From curbside trash pickup to one time pick ups, we'll handle your dirty work so you can focus on what matters most - taking care of your family. Our standard residential service for your home or business includes:

Routine weekly trash collection of bagged trash.

Specialty item collection as needed (additional charges may apply)

Online Bill Pay 

Everyday house hold waste (i.e. kitchen and bathroom waste) is acceptable in your curbside collection container. 

Medical Waste Disposal

We suggest collecting all needles and syringes in a thick, impenetrable plastic bottle (ex. landry detergent bottle). The sealed bottle can be thendiscarded with your household trash container. Also by doing this it will help create a safer work place for employees.

Unacceptable Trash Materials

The following materials require alternative methods of disposal.  Check with your local landfill or call us to discuss options to dispose of the following materials:

Hazardous Waste: Acids, ammunition, antifreeze, asbestos, caustics, chemicals, dead animals, explosives, motor oil, paint, poisons, propane/helium tanks

Construction Debris: Concrete, brick, blocks, and palettes

Large Landscaping Projects: mulch, dirt, rock, stumps and sod